3D Modeling
Marble Drop
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Drop marbles to solve puzzles in this addictive and challenging puzzle game. Place a variety of colored marbles into funnels so that they arrive in their correct bin. Along the way, watch out for switches, tippers, color mixers and other traps!

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Enjoy fast and fun mobile conversation! Cluck gets your friend's attention like a phone call but lets you text instead of talk.

Synced IOS Application

Create an interactive shared playlist with your friends and watch as songs, movies, and YouTube videos are played perfectly in sync among all devices.

Gmail Emoji Search

Adding an emoji search box to gmail was one of the projects I worked on during my internship at Google.

Equation Finder
Equation Finder

Can’t quite remember what that equation was? (Work in progress)

Interactive Whiteboard

Work on sketches in real time with others.

Spotify Downloader

Download high quality Spotify songs from their URL. The program reconstructs the PCM frames into a 320 kbps MP3 with metadata. This was not designed to be malicious, simply a personal programing challenge.